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Product Development, CAD Design/Engineering, CNC Router & Laser cutting, 3D Printing FDM & SLA rapid prototyping,

3D Printing & Prototyping

Fri Rieder FreeDimension LLC

Fri (Free) Rieder

Founder CEO

Welcome to FreeDimension, we are your product development and 3d printing company in the Tampa Bay area.

We make custom parts for any industry or hobby from sketch to finish. We support inventors in the Tampa Bay area to bring their ideas to the market. We provide product development,(CAD) computer assisted design, 3d printing  and CNC routing and milling. Our latest additions are SLA (StereoLithography) Hi-Res printing and laser cutting.

If you need a replacement part, help with an invention, or just a fun idea made real, you came to the right place.

Call us today for a free quote and product analysis.

(727) 537-9504

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Fri at FreeDimension is an extraordinary talented designer. My project was a hot mess before Fri got a hold of it. Every part he designed outperformed the old version. Each step in the process he took the time to get it right and keep me informed. I can not recommend Fri at FreeDimension enough. Superior in all aspects of service, skills and overall experience. I'm honored to have him work on the Total Ankle - Trainer. Tim - CEO , The Total Ankle,LLC

Product Development/Engineerng, CAD DESIGN, PROTOTYPING, 3D PRINTING


3d prints made by FreeDimension


Using several 3d machines, we can turn most of our 3d prints around in 1 Day. Our FDM & SLA machines are ideal for working prototypes, replacement parts for house hold electronics and tools, fun stuff for toys, costumes and a lot more. We have large machines that can handle your bigger parts with great resolution. Your imagination is the limit.


Goggles desinged from scratch


Before making a prototype we always have to draw a cad file for the actual part or machine. From that file we can generate renderings or patent drawings and we can export files into the format you need for injection molding or any other process.

Product Development

electornics prototype

CAD Design to Production

From sketch to finished product , from cad to prototype we can help you each step of the way. 


FreeDimension Prototype


We are specialized in several forms of prototyping, from simple mechanical machines to complex designs. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

Please contact us to get more specific information about any of the above services. We are looking forward working with you.


Mon - Fri: 8am-5pm
Sat & Sun: Closed
727 537 9504


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