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Toi&Moi Sculpture F&K
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Using several 3d machines, we can turn most of our 3d prints around in 1 Day. Our FDM & SLA machines are ideal for working prototypes, replacement parts for house hold electronics and tools, fun stuff for toys, costumes and a lot more. We have large machines that can handle your bigger parts with great resolution. Your imagination is the limit.

What we need to get a 3d print made.

  • An idea and sketch of what you want made. We will then create the digital 3d model and generate the STL/ OBJ file necessary to 3d print.

  • An STL/OBJ file or any other 3d file, if you downloaded or made the 3d file yourself.

  • Specify the material and color.

  • Specify the resolution in layer height and percentage of infill, the density of the part.

  • Let us know how quick you need it, depending on size, we can turn it around the same day.

3d Printed Projects

Here are some of our cool products we made recently. We will post some more information on how to make these things very soon, so check back often. Click on the images below to get more details.

Vapor Treatment, makes parts glossy and smooth.

Real size human head, was used to make a

Low poly live size head for chocolate mold creation.

3d printed threads. 

Toi&Moi Sculpture

SLA printed Toi&Moi Sculpture. 

Beautiful organic couch design

Carbon Fiber Nylon Print

Toi&Moi Sculpture
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